Review and Assessment is Not the Last SIOP Component

By Amy Washam

When I introduce the Review and Assessment Component to participants during an initial SIOP training—the training where educators first learn about the 8 components and 30 features—I often joke that Review and Assessment is not the last SIOP component. Since I have made this statement at the end of the third and final day of training, I will inevitably see signs of displeasure on the faces of new, and often brain-weary, SIOPers. It’s not that these new SIOPers don’t love the model, but after three days of examining every possible feature of good instruction for English learners, we are all rejoicing that the ninth component never materialized.

So why do I continue to torture participants by implying there is another component after Review and Assessment when clearly there is not one? It is to make a point. While Review and Assessment is the last component listed on the SIOP Protocol, it should not be the last component implemented into our lessons. Effective instruction is rarely a linear process that begins with direct instruction, moves on to student practice, and then provides review before finally assessing learning. Teachers should not wait until the end of a lesson, or even half-way through the lesson, to review and assess student learning. (more…)