Month: September 2015

What happens at a SIOP II institute?

by Leticia M. Trower

workshopIf you are considering attending the SIOP II Institute coming up in Alexandria, Virginia on October 8-9, 2015 or one of our 2016 SIOP II trainings but would like to know more about what you’ll do and learn at this event, read on!

Just like a SIOP I Institute, or any of the various SIOP workshops that Pearson offers, a SIOP II Institute is fun, meaningful, and energizing. SIOP Institutes offer educators the opportunity to work directly with a SIOP author, and include a wide variety of engaging and relevant activities that participants can then use to facilitate learning for their own students or teachers. The Alexandria event is presented by Dr. Deborah Short, SIOP author, and Andrea Rients, SIOP consultant. In addition to working with Pearson to provide SIOP support to educators nationwide, Andrea is also still working directly with teachers and students in her local school district as an instructional coach. This combination of experts in the field who are working directly with schools, and experts in the field who are on the leading edge of the latest research, is one hallmark of a SIOP Institute.

The SIOP II Institute is designed for educators who are already familiar with the SIOP Model, and have already attended a SIOP I Institute, three days of SIOP Training for Teachers in their district, or a similar level of professional learning. At the SIOP II Institute, participants deepen their understanding of the Model and enhance their implementation of SIOP in their school or district. Activities include rating SIOP lessons in order to develop inter-rater reliability; developing an action plan in order to effectively support SIOP instruction in your school or district; reviewing and revising lesson plans in order to maximize differentiation and “SIOPize” instruction; and integrating technology into SIOP lessons in meaningful, effective ways.

Are you a SIOP educator looking to take it to the next level? Consider attending the SIOP II Institute in Alexandria, VA on Oct. 8-9! You can register here.